Before you start trading with SeguroFX, it is recommended that the following legal information is read
and acknowledged, in order to fully understand our overall business practices and legal responsibilities.

Partners Terms and Conditions

Margin Policy

Refund Policy

Funds Policy

Safeguarding of client´s funds policy.

CFD Futures Indices

Contract for difference (CFD)

Conflict of Interest Policy

Order Execution Policy

Appendix to the Services Agreement.

Complaints Handling Policy

Outlining our implemented procedures for handling client complaints.

AML & KYC Policy

Securing our client interests while keeping up with the company’s professional standards.

Cookie Policy

Describing what Cookies do in our Website.

Privacy Policy

Introducing our broad data protection policy, reflecting high-end security standards.

Terms and Conditions

Our complete company documentation. Please read it carefully before you start trading.

Risk Disclosure Policy

Obligated to keeping you informed about possible trading risks at all times.

Deposit/withdrawal policy

Supplying you with the best available trading conditions and execution times.