Only traders that have a certain amount of effective trades and comply with the investor’s profile for the execution of the same, apply to receive the bonds of SeguroFX. This is in the interests of our customers and avoid compulsive trading.

At SeguroFX, we encourage our clients to practice self-discipline, be aware and avoid unhealthy excesses such as compulsive trading, especially when they feel stress from losses or a losing streak.

Traders points are trading volume indicators. They are calculated per traded position amount and are accumulated each time you close CFD positions.

CFDs calculation method:

For example, You bought 100,000 EUR/USD, the value of the position is converted into your account nominated currency. Therefore, if your account currency is USD, the value of the position will be converted to USD using the real time EUR/USD conversion rate.

Let’s assume the EUR/USD conversion rate is 1.07 therefore 100,000 EUR * 1.0700 = 107,000 USD. The USD ($) value of the position is now multiplied by 0.001%, which eventually entitles you with 1.07 trader points (107,000 USD * 0.001% = 1.07 trader points).

Please note, the example above describes a case where your account currency is USD.

Yes. In order to maintain a certain account status, you must accumulate a minimum monthly sum of traders points, depending on your account type. You can simply return to any account status by fulfilling the monthly traders points requirement for that account level as long as you meet the minimum deposit criteria or by making the minimum required deposits that will automatically upgrade you to the next account level.

The monthly amount of traders points required to maintain account types:

  • GOLD

A pending money bonus, when granted, is not added to your account right away. Instead, there is a requirement of specific trading volume that needs to be generated for it to be released into your trading account (before expiration). With this, your account does not have any additional restrictions upon withdrawing. To view your current bonus requirements, check out our Bonus Terms and Conditions.

You can easily check your pending bonus status on the trading platform:

1. Click the Trading Room button (located on the upper right-hand side).
2. Click the Reports link (located under the Deposit button).
3. Select the Bonus Report tab.
4. Monitor the Points Achieved column to track the volume accumulated daily, and subtract it from the Points Requirement column to understand how many traders points are needed.
5. Please take into consideration the expiry date for each pending bonus. To get the bonus expiry date, contact your account manager.

Before the trading volume is met, your pending bonus is segregated from your available funds and is not available for trading or withdrawing.

Our Refer a friend program is an exclusive reward program in which an SeguroFX trader invites his friends to trade with us. When the referred friends become traders, the referrer is rewarded with referral bonuses.

Entering the program is simple. You send your contacts an invitation link via Facebook, Twitter, Google + and email. In addition, you can also enter your friends’ details and we will invite them for you. On each deposit of up to $1,999 your friends make, you get $200 in referral bonus. On deposits of $2,000 and up you get $300 in referral bonus.

To be eligible for the referral bonus, your referred friend must make a deposit within 120 days of the referral date. You’ll be able to redeem your referral bonus once the referred friend opened 8 positions or reached a 0 balance on his account.